Thursday, June 30, 2011


The correct spelling for the number 2 is "two."  Think "twice" before spelling it out.  There's a "w" in both words, as well as in other variations of the number such as "twenty" and "twins."

When the meaning is "also" or "excessive," the word is spelled "too."  For any usage other than the foregoing, the proper word is "to."  ("I am going to the store.  They are going to the store, too."  "There are too many people to fit in the car.")  One way to remember the distinction is to think of the way it sounds when spoken.  Technically, the words are pronounced the same, but some people emphasize the "oo" sound of the word "too" more than they do with "to," especially when they're speaking quickly (as we all do sometimes!).  Another way to remember is to keep in mind that the word "too," which signifies "in addition" or "in excess," is the one with the extra "o."

Incorrect: "I am going too the store."
Correct: "I am going to the store."

Incorrect: "This is to much money."
Correct: "This is too much money."

Incorrect: "She will be going to."
Correct: "She will be going too."

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